Discover quality range of products to meet your every need


Discover our range of quality products to meet your need

Who We Are

Dana Plast is the leading plastic manufacturing company in Nigeria with over 25 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry. We produce premium designed products and manufacture custom built as well as general purpose products. Our range of innovative products crafted with the highest degree of precision caters to a host of companies both locally and globally.

Our Commitment to Service

Over the years, we have continually excelled at producing high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing products to serve and provide immense value to our clients. Regardless of what your needs are, Danaplast, with the aid of our cutting edge manufacturing technology offers you an array of beautifully designed products to suit your every need without breaking the bank.

Customers First

We strive, by the day, to provide you with nothing but the best across our companies. That is one of the reasons why our products and services are many Nigerians' favorite.

Our Promises

Being the foremost plastic manufacturing company to be recognized as a benchmark of quality and awarded with the Nigerian Industrial Standards Certification (NIS) by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, our customers can rest easy knowing that we at Danaplast are with you all through the way from the manufacturing process down to post delivery periods. Our host of friendly customer relations experts are always at your service.


Our strict quality control procedures, managed by our qualified quality control experts, ensure that only the best products get to you, our valued customers.

Do more with our top-notch products with ease

Our approach to business is such that bridges the gap between customers' needs and market products. We think through your desires and deliver beyond your expectation. We just like to see that smile of satisfaction on your face!


Business thrives when the customers are satisfied. It is our sole focus to always satisfy your needs with our products.


Our products are made with the best of materials and as a result they remain durable for your usage over a long period of time.

Industry Standards

We implement industry standards in the manufacturing of all our products for your satisfaction.

Quality Products

Our products are of high quality. We give great value for your money.

Our Techology Driven Production

Innovative Design & Planning

Our innovative design and planning system ensures we deliver well-developed quality products, that meets your industrial and household needs every time.

Industry-leading materials

We only use professionally vetted materials for our products. These materials contribute to the highly revered characteristics of our products including durability, good impact resistance, desirable appearance and optimal weight.

Strict quality assurance procedures

We have strictly supervised quality assurance procedures that ensures products that deviate from our quality standards are outrightly rejected. This way, only products that are safe for use and durable gets to you, our valued customer.

Sustainability-led production

We recognise that sustainability is the key to good present living condition and a better future. That’s why we approach all of our production procedures with a sustainability first mindset. Our products are fully recyclable, ensuring that we play our part in saving the environment.

Best-in-class equipment

Our best-in-class equipment provides our professionals the required tools to produce affordable but qualitative products for your everyday needs.

For Quality Plastic Products

Products you can always trust.

Our Trending Products

These trending products are loved by our customers for their utility, aesthetic appeal and durability. Check them out for yourself.

Our commitment is to meet your every need with a range of quality plastic finished products you can always depend on.

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